World's cheapest, most user friendly and accessible crop production management system

Integrated Nutrient Management System

360° support system for managing crop production via planning, execution and follow-up

Crop rotation

Keep track of fields, crops, field maps, varieties, soil analyses, field history, winter green crops, green manure, and much more...


Ask CropManager for the most economical fertilisation of your crop, considering the needs, available fertilisers and distributed livestock manure!

Crop protection

Plan the strategy for crop protection for the coming season, and be sure to have the right plant protection products contracted with suppliers.


The crop production economy is a result of planning, and gives you valuable information about eg. the value of the harvest and the costs of supplies.

Benefits &   selected features

Cheapest worldwide

CropManager require no initial investments, but alone a small annual subscription fee - see under  subscribe.

One solution for all your management needs

CropManager is for crop rotation, fertilisation, crop protection and crop production economy.

Documentation to authorities

Outprints includes those that are required as documentation towards authorities, such as an electronic field book.

One or several farms

You can handle one or several farms with one subscription of CropManager, which is suitable for both farmers and farm advisers.

Accessible online everywhere

As an online cloud computing tool, you can access CropManager everywhere on all types of devices via web browsers.

Share with co-workers

Share your plans and registrations with co-workers, you have given access, such as your crop production adviser or staff.

High level of protection of your personal data

Your login credentials protects from abuse of your data, which is frequently backed up.

Planning, execution and follow-up

CropManager is for both planning, execution and follow-up - registration of field operations can for instace be done with your mobile device.

Mapping of your fields

Draw a map of the field and get the calculated area
Draw a map of the field and get the calculated area
Get a printout with all your fields at one map
Get a printout with all your fields at one map

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